A downloadable game for Windows

*This game is created by LionSea/Greerenz and originally in Thai. It has been translated by "Goddiga" of Whateverzone (me).

Thai version : https://www.facebook.com/pg/LionSea-1429142294047422/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1666516846976631

Caution : This game contains blood and violence, including sexual implication.

Controls :
Arrow keys - Walk
A - Select an item
X - Open the menu to exit or load the game

Genre : Dark, Horror

Average Playtime : 20-30 minutes

Endings : 3 (1.Bad End ;Red wolf 2.Normal End ;Confuse 3.Secret End)

Intro : Once upon a time, there was a family consisted of a father, a mother and a daughter named Chara. They moved here from the village to look after their grandmother who lived in the house in the forest. 

Chara got a lot of love and care from everyone. 

She and her parents always visited their grandmother every month. They lived very happily together. 

But one day, Chara's parents had gotten into a fight. 
After that, they decided to split up. The father had moved away, so clueless Chara had to stay with her mother in a forest. 

Three months since Chara's parents' separation, her mother, who had been in depression and unable to make the trip, finally entrusted Chara to go visit her grandmother by herself. 

*I bear full responsibility for any translation errors found in this game and the description. Feel free to correct me. I will also act on behalf of the creator for any questions, suggestions or bugs reports. Thank you! 

You can support the creator by visiting his page : https://www.facebook.com/LionSea-1429142294047422/

And us the translator and publisher of this game : https://www.facebook.com/whateverzonepage , https://whateverzone.tumblr.com , https://wez.in.th




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Nice little game, I had fun.


Thank you!

*Fixed the error in Intro's description by Jit.

What was this made in?

RPG Maker VX ACE :)

Well, I was interested in asking you if you would like to have it ported over to RPG Maker MV? I have the software for scaling and MV. So you wouldn't have to worry about anything being redone. You think that would be ok?

I'll ask the creator about this. I'll let you know once he reply.

Alright, go on and ask them about it. And if they need a sample of my porting work, A New Home + is a port I did of an RPG Maker VX Ace game ported over to MV.

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The creator said please wait. 

The game was creepy as hell,it really looks like the dark sides of little ridding hood ?

Oh! Thank you for playing! I haven't played the dark sides of little ridding hood yet, so I can't really tell.