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"I am going to seek out 'tomorrow'. 
Yes,You hear it right." 

"I just have to stay alive until Friday, right?" 

Napa, the girl who has been haunted by the nightmare since childhood, decided to take a step into the abandoned school she saw in the dream. Something attempted to drag her into the past and it will never let her go back. 


Arrow: Walk 
x: Menu/Cancel 
Enter: Investigate/Accept 
D: Run 
S: Stab(?) 


Genre: Horror/Adventure 
Game Rating: 15+ 
Language: Thai/English (Upcoming) 
Player: 1 
Engine: RPG Maker XP 
Time for play : 2 Hrs.+ 
Minimum Operating Systems : Windows XP 


Director: Mayko 
Graphic: Mayko
Original soundtrack: Royalcafe & Mayko
*(Non-original soundtracks are from various artists which will show in the credit)
English Translator: Whateverzone 

(Sprites of Napa, the main character of this game.) 

This game isn't quite scary, but some moment might surprised you... 

PS. If you see any bug or error in the game, you can report them on this page: 
PS.2 Hope you enjoy ^^ 


**Translator's note** 

Hello! It's been a while since the last game I translated. But now, my teammates also help me on this one. And yes, this game is also originally in Thai. 

You can check it out here : LAst WEEK Thai
It was created by Mayko (FB Page , Private FB

A whole description above this note had been translated by bbsaver who had also written tvtropes of this game 

*Notes that we are non-native English speaker and most of us are just students, so our English skill are quite average and not as perfect. However, we were doing our best to bring this wonderful game to the west! We're still improving our English so we have to sincerely apologize for the errors. When the game is out and you interest in proofreading the game or tvtropes, we'd gladly accept your offer. 

Thank you! 

Here's our website 

Goddiga of Whateverzone


LAst WEEK v3.00e.rar 172 MB


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The prequel game, "LAst WEEK : Another Incident", will be translated by another team! It has not been started yet, but I'll help pointing out the download site when it is published. Sorry for the changing, but both team decided this is for faster and better result (I mean, we took like a year to wrap it up :< so we don't want to repeat that mistake again). 

If you like this game, please stay tuned and support the next translation work of "LAst WEEK" series handled by them! Thank you!

Featured in my Indie Games Exhibit episode (timestamped

Oh! Thank you for including this game in your list!

So far pretty interesting, minor translation/typos but otherwise I'm curious to see more of the game, will have to keep playing :P

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Thank you very much for playing the game and making a let's play!
Sorry for some translation errors as well. You can tell us about errors in details if you would please!
Looking forward for the next part!

Reporting that Tuesday is game-breakingly broken as I begun playing it some more. The main-floor hallways after speaking to the headless anatomy figure is EXTREMELY 'laggy', moving in the hallway (Where the doors are at where you first start your day), your character moves at a 0.005 frames per second for whatever reason.

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Oh about that, I presumed the developer cannot fix it (or she intended to do it, not sure). Sorry about the inconvenience!