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The emperor of the moon

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Original Japanese version:



        In order to visit the empress of the country who fell ill, the girl took a long journey and finally arrived at the palace. But who knows what unexpected incidents await her...!


      Adventure (Search, gathering and using items)


      15 Minutes

Number of ED(s):


Live commentaries:

       Not allowed (Let's Play is okay, even when monetizing. But only for English version.)


       More than welcome!

English Translator:


Testers for EN version:

       bnb58558 & Davepy (from Whateverzone)

Photo Editor for EN version:
       Neko_paldee (from Whateverzone)

Install instructions


    Extract .rar files using Winzip/Winrar before playing the game. We also suggest you to install the font included in the package because it's more suitable for this game than the standard font. 

*(Right-click the font name HuiFont and select "Install" or put it in "Control Panel > Fonts")


The emperor of the moon 1.01e.rar 45 MB


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A short but sweet game with lovely character art, about a girl who gets caught up mysterious  goings-on when she goes to inquire about the health of the land's beloved Empress.  The story does follow a lot of Japanese storytelling tropes, which can feel awkward if you aren't used to them.  Unfortunately, the English translation is quite awkward as well.

Thank you for playing! And sorry for an awkward English language.