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* did * 
*(Japanese Version Here)


   A little girl had a special friend. 
  One day during their conversation, 
  the girl was let in on a good idea. 


Exploration ADV 

◇Play time 

10 Minutes (per run) 

◇Important notes 

By installing the font bundled with the game before playing,the text will be guaranteed to fit the atmosphere of the game. 

◇Total endings 

3 endings 

◇Content usage 

English and Thai version of this game are allowed to be used for LPs.

◇Materials used; sound works and fonts 

 ・On-Jin ~音人~       (http://on-jin.com/) 

  ・無料効果音で遊ぼう!     (http://taira-komori.jpn.org/) 
  ・「ふい字置き場。」     (http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA039499/) 

  ・美咲ゴシック        (http://www.geocities.jp/littlimi/misaki.htm) 

◇Common events used 





◇Software used 

Wolf RPG Editor 



Jit, from Whateverzone


did_EN 1.03.rar 7 MB

Development log


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*Fixed the display of the symbol for the book puzzle.

whats the code for the book

(1 edit)

Do you mean an answer to the puzzle, or how the symbol can be showed? 
If it's the first one, I can't tell you here as it is a spoiler and it would be a bit disrespectful towards the developer to show the answer to his puzzle on the public. A little hint : look at the table.

If it's the second one, I have no idea. If neither, please clarify me. 

oh its ok i understand but thanks for the hint buddy :)

*P.S. You can monetize the video right now if you want to :)

I really enjoyed this game, thank you for translating it! :) Here is a video I did of me playing did.

I had a lot of trouble with trying to solve a certain something though. :P No clue how you're supposed to actually solve it.

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Thank you for playing it! I'm not sure if the developer didn't include any clues to his puzzle or maybe it was just hidden somewhere, though.
P.S. You can monetize the video right now if you want to :)