A downloadable game for Windows


Developer: BennieRule
Engine: RPG Maker VX ACE
Genre: Adventure
Playtime (DEMO): Approx. 15 minutes
Illustrator: SAIMAI
English Translator: Whateverzone (Goddiga, Jit and Querida)


The boy named HOME was moving with his architect father who just landed a new job. Their destination was an island in the middle of the sea, a project constructing an educational institute. Things took an unexpected turn when Home lost his way into the deep forest at the heart of the island. Looking for a way out, he stumbled upon LIB, the girl with rabbit ears. It is a fateful meeting that would change both of their lives forever.


1. HOME 

HOME is a clever and observant 11 year-old boy. He respects his father a lot. But, after his parents got divorced, their relationship became worse. After he met LIB, his life have changed since then.

2. 817, LIB

817 or LIB is a girl with rabbit's ears. She has a rather weak body. She loves her older sister dearly. After her sister had gone missing, she has always taking care of the flowers in the institute in her stead. She has a rabbit pet named Nel.

3. Professor Jean Obary (Pronounce like Jean-François)

Professor Jean is the institute's manager on the island. He is an orderly man and always moody.

4. The Assistant

The Assistant is the one who always helps taking care of the works in the institute alongside with the professor. He is a cheerful person. He is in love with LIB's older sister.

-Important Notes-

1. This version of the game is still a demo. The full game may have massive changes.
2. This game is originally in Thai language.
3. There are some Thai voice acting in the game, in which the developer decided to leave it as is.
4. You can support the developer and the artist at Patreon if you're interested! However, most of the language is in Thai and we have no obligation to it. Most of the contents and rewards for patrons are NSFW, and sometimes they might contains LIB, which is physically underage. So, be cautious about the issues that may be sensitive to you. But, the developer has confirmed that the full game will have no nudity.

-Translator's note- (Actually, it's only Goddiga's note.)

(Whateverzone's main mascot. It has nothing to do with the writer's identity.)

//It's been a while since our last Thai-to-English translation project! It took a while to get used to the translation work after we haven't done it for so long... Anyways, this game's premise sounds interesting even though the demo doesn't offer much. The arts are also very well-done and attractive! 

In any case, I hope all of you might be interested in playing this game and looking forward to the full game! Thank you!

Install instructions

If you already have RTP installed in your computer, then you can download the smaller version. If not, it is recommended to download the bigger one. You can try to download the smaller one first, and if you got an error message like "RTP is not installed" or something, you can just try the other one.


[DEMO]BlackLeveret+RTP.rar 256 MB
[DEMO]BlackLeveret - no RTP.rar 67 MB


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Is the full game out yet? I would love to play it.

The developer informed us that it was planned to be released during April.

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Hi devs! i posted the DEMO on my utube channel please do check it out...

 @  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzIswhAPzqMP5hDZT79dZlA

Love the game keep it up!

Looking forward for the full game soon :)

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Hello! Thank you for playing our translation work! It's been a while since we last saw a non-commentary video! Still, it's good that you enjoyed it! I'll be sure to let the devs see it! (Yes, we are not actually the devs, just as the description page says so, but translators. Just want to reaffirm this!)

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very cute and very nice i would say, i would like to say thank you for the effort of the devs and you to guys

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I would love to play and post all the devs games here if possible... :)

Oh! That would be much appreciated! Feel free to do so!

thanks for the permission :)