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Anirone is a game about a girl name "Anirone" who has been locked inside a house. She need to find a way to get out of her room by collecting several things in another world. There will be many obstacles along the way, and only you have the power to help her go through them all!!

General Details

- Use default RTP and some imported resources and scripts.
- Full of puzzles. Most of them are "extremely hard" to solve. Be cautious...
- Various ways to deal with things. Many choices for you to be chosen.
- Multiple endings. 4 Bad Ends , 2 Neutral Ends and 1 Good End. Only a good end is canon.
*(A "Good End" is "extremely hard" to get. It can be achieved in the first play-through technically. But not logically. It may required second or more time. And there are a lot of requirements to get the good end.)
- Average play time = 30-50 minutes.


- Anirone : An ordinary girl that you control.

(Thanks to http://moka-rin.moe/game/chara/)


Creator : Goddiga (from Whateverzone)
Scripts : Galv , Tsukihime , Yanfly , Helladen , Khas , NerdiGaming
Art Resources : Sanggameboy , flamingteddyproductions , Red Herring , Unknown (horrorpart1-3,tumblr) , http://moka-rin.moe/game/chara , Morishita , Greerenz , Flytrap , Fatelogic
Music Resources : Purple Planet , Maoudamashii , Presence of Music , Royalty Free Music , pantersar , Kyoko
Bugs Report : Ardaceus , Flytrap
Programme : Enterbrain


This is my first game I ever made by RPG Maker VX ACE. So if there's any mistake, I'd like to apologize for that.

Please give me as much advise as you can.
And you can offer any help to me if you want to


Anirone2.4.rar 46 MB


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I must be crazy but at the first scene with the bat i can't find the lamp to throw in the bat?it's a gap between  me and a chest.....never mind>.> here is part 1  and i got the bad end >.< how to get the good end?from the begging of the game pls?tnx

Goddialga's posted a guide of sorts on the game's blog on RPGMaker.net, if that helps you any: Here.

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*Anirone 2.1
*Fixed the critical bug which made the game froze near the bad end of the game.