"Love x Lust" Demo news

*Drew by Neaimokung. (Not an artist for this game. I just like her style and paid for it.)

*I changed the engine from VX ACE to MV due to several reasons. I also showed that this game will be commercial now.

The real demo in MV will come out around Jan. or Feb. 2018 with a huge changes in story and arts! 

- Added one CG in the demo.
- The story will start to differ from a beta version early in the game.
- Introducing three girls earlier and start the first "Tag Pulling" event later on.
- The first "Tag Pulling" event will be a bit more easier! (I think..)
- The gameplay has been slightly changed.
- Purchased backgrounds from Selavi. (Unable to hire for all custom-made.)
- Time system and Dating system being implemented in the demo better. 
- The length available is around one or two days in-game.

We (including artists and advisers) are trying our best to develop this game and hoping this demo will be a lot better than the beta version! I (only me) hoped the demo will be good enough to deserve some feedback and interest from you here!

Thank you very much for looking into this game! More information and updates will be released soon!

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